Dr. (Last Name) is single." His mother says one day as she slowly takes a sip from the hot cup of tea Todoroki had brought her. "She's looking" "Mom…" Todoroki sighed and covered his face. ... #boku no hero academia #bnha #todoroki shouto x reader #todoroki x reader #todoroki shouto #todoroki shōto #x reader imagine #x reader # ...
Because I am a Mother - BNHA x Single Mother! Reader Chapter 5. Jasmine. I am so so sorry for being gone so long, I have been working on assignments and medical stuff ...

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THE LOVE LANGUAGES — BNHA [GENDER NEUTRAL!READER] FT. ... He’s the type to do things for you without you uttering a single word to him. ... TSUKISHIMA KEI X FEM ...
[Pairing: Yandere!Shoto x Reader] [TW: Yandere, Chasing, Stockholm Syndrome] [Reader: Gender Neutral] [Summary: Shoto purses the reader after they escape, but when he catches them the reader wants to go back, much to his surprise and delight.] [Word Count: 429] ~~~ Originally posted by bishonenlover. You could only run. You had to run. Run.

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Single Dad’s Bnha headcannons Request: Hello! i’ve read the Single Dad Headcannons for the free! chars and I absolutely love it! Could I maybe request the same prompt but for Bakugo, Kirishima and...
Starlight [Dabi x Single Mom!Reader] summary: when you and your children are saved by a man covered in burns, you offer to repaire his staples and clean him up, an offer that gets you much more than you’d bargained for word count: 2.6k warnings: a tiny bit of violence pairing: dabi x fem!reader

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Bnha Quirk Generator
Because I am a Mother - BNHA x Single Mother! Reader Chapter 1. Jasmine. First chapter is now up! Please enjoy! Note: I based the twins off of the twin boys from an ...

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Jun 25, 2019 · Now she has to learn the do's and don't of being a parent, for she becomes the mother figure he was in need of, she would always be there, she made a promise to that boy, a promise that she would never break, a promise that she'd always be there. - - - {I Don't own BNHA or Reader Chan}

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